QnA. Q2: Why your game look so similar to Little Nightmares?

To better introduce you to Broken Veil we searched for the most popular questions online and going to answer them here for you

The answer is quite simple — it's mostly because our project shares the same genre (puzzle-platformer) and the same camera orientation (dollhouse).

Quite a few horrors or partly horror games use kids as their protagonists for easy-to-understand reasons, the same goes for humanoid monster creatures, spooky atmosphere, etc, but dollhouse camera is a feature more or less unique to LN.

In our test runs, we tried different approaches to points of view and gameplay styles — from 2D back and forth to 3thd person — all of them wasn't good enough either from a storytelling or gameplay perspective so we decided to stick to this one as perfect option to tell our story and make a fun game!

You might be surprised, but Little Nightmares wasn't the original source of inspiration for the gameplay! It actually was Playdead`s Limbo and Inside, that inspired us to make a puzzle-platformer game with spooky elements mixed into it. Our team is a big fan of their brilliant work!

So how we feel about people comparing us with Little Nightmares? Honestly, LN is an amazing game with great design, atmosphere, and style so if our team of less than 10 indie developers could even get close to that kind of quality to be compared with it — it's a great compliment already!

We don't try to copy the game frame-by-frame, but we also wont erase everything that even slightly similar to them just because after some time of development LN2 was released and had some similar ideas in it. We try to tell our own story the way we originally intended and hope you will find it interesting enough for you in the end