QnA. Q1: Why no faces? (+why letters are mixed)

To better introduce you to Broken Veil we searched for the most popular questions online and going to answer them here for you

Players are going to look at the world through the eyes of the main hero, who has several disorders that make his life more challenging.

One of those disorders called prosopagnosia, or, most commonly, face blindness. People with this disorder have difficulties with recognizing people's faces and even their own faces.

To replicate this in the game we decided to erase facial features from all the characters, except prominent features by which people with the disorder might recognize a person.

Another thing that our hero has to live with is the form of dyslexia, which makes it hard for him to read and understand human speech.

In order to replicate this, we decided to swap all the letters on signs around the game so it would take non-dyslexic players about the same time to read the sign as it would take a dyslexic to read the sign on the street.

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